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3 Cool Free Things in Perth

I have been “living” in Perth for almost 3 months now. I’ve found that Perth is a very expensive city to live in, seriously!
Perth City

As matter of fact, this year Perth has been named as Australia’s Most Expensive City according to Numbeo.
But don’t worry, there are still some freebies you still can get when you are traveling here! Here are the 3 cool Free things in Perth (my version):

First thing you will notice when you turn your WiFi on at Perth Airport, is that Perth Airport gives FREE internet. And if you don’t have any gadget with you, you can use the available computers for free too! You can find these computers near the arrival gate at the Terminal 1 Perth Airport (Europcar provide this facilities!). And when you are in the CBD area in Perth, the City of Perth also gives FREE WiFi. This is very handy considering internet cafe here are not cheap and considering not all hostel in Perth gives free internet access (so do make sure when you make a booking of any hostel!).

FREE Transportation
The best part of living in or near the CBD area is that you will spent ZERO amount for transportation thanks to the FREE Cat Bus and FTZ (Free Transit Zone) by Transperth. A little note you should know thou; FTZ applies for all transperth bus and train, but when you use the train, it will only be a free ride if you have a smartrider card. Do remember that a smart rider cost $10 and you have to purchase at least $10 for each top up. That means you will spent at least $20 for your first purchase and they are NOT refundable! So make your plan carefully whether you need to take the train or not, that way you will know if you need to spend money on the smartrider card or not. But if you do have the card, no need to tap (read: tag on/off) anything when you take the cat busses or the transperth busses within FTZ area. Just remember to tap on/off the card when you take the train.  For more info about the FREE transportation, click here! So my best tip when you are planning to visit Perth, stay in the CBD area or nearby cat bus’ stop and always take the bus.

FREE Drinks
When i say drinks, it just literally means water (not beer!). Hahaha. Bottled water is very expensive here! So don’t forget to bring a water bottle and fill it up before leaving your hostel. You can also find some water taps around the CBD area too.

Hang out with the kangaroos

BONUS TIPS: Hang out with the Kangaroos for FREE.
I haven’t visited the Perth Zoo so i can’t really give a recommendation,but i heard it’s quite cool (and not cheap). And since you are already in Australia, you basically have to hang out with the kangaroos at least once! The best way to do that is to visit the Heirisson Island, which is located only about 10 minutes bus ride from CBD. No entrance fee to this island, so pack up your lunch, enjoy your day in Heirisson island, an island in the Swan River and hang out with the chillax Kangaroos for FREE.

Cheers mate,
iamMariza – who finally saw Kangaroos for the first time in her life.

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