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Asia’s Long-haul Travelers Agree: It’s Not as Bad as it Used to Be

March 24, 2014 by Jason Mitchell in Journal, Uncategorized with 0 Comments

Improvements and developments now make staying in airports more comfortable

Airports have the ability to make or break a country’s reputation, being both the first and the last thing that tourists see when they visit a country. Some airports are amazing, and they offer nothing but high-class experiences to travelers who grace their hallways. Some airports are the complete opposite: bordering on derelict, cramped, and severely lacking in facilities.

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The Western world has always been in the forefront of airport technology, comfort, and security. Amsterdam Airport Schipol has some of the best facilities in any airport in the world, complete with a full-scale library, museum, and a rooftop viewing deck where people can watch airplanes take off. Workers from Parking4less at Heathrow in London have also reported that the already-majestic airport is being renovated and improved. Heathrow Airport will have a more spacious Terminal 2, which should have more natural light and space than most other airports of its caliber.

On the other hand, Asia’s airports had been the bane of travelers’ lives for many years. With dilapidated facilities and rude employees, some of Asia’s airports had been voted the worst in the world. Things are taking a turn for the better, however, as was proven in this year’s World Airport Awards.

Ranking as the World’s Best Airport is Singapore’s Changi Airport. Changi Airport also won the title of Best Airport in Asia from subscribers of With 6 rest zones with special reclining sleep seats, strict enforcement of silence in sleeping zones, and even shower areas and free city tours of Singapore, the airport is certainly one of the best choices for long-haul travelers.

Even Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, having been voted as the Worst Airport in the World two years in a row, has finally begun renovations to improve their facilities. The airport, designed to accommodate 6.5 million passengers a year, was estimated to have attended to almost 9 million annually. Now, the airport is finally making changes to compete in a global world.

The need for better facilities in airports is undeniable. The airport is the first thing that travellers see upon stepping into the country, and crowded halls, unpleasant staff, and limited facilities can leave quite an impression on tourists. This is why, across the world, beautiful, technologically-advanced airports are being built, in order to cater to the millions of people who travel between countries for business and leisure.

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