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Bali V, Secretly Located in Seminyak (Review)

March 23, 2014 by IamMariza in Accomodation, Asia, Indonesia, Reviews with 3 Comments

After many trips to Bali, i get tired of Kuta scene (okay, some times!). But when this happens, Seminyak area is definitely my second option on area to stay in Bali. The nightlife in Seminyak is still as vibrant like Kuta-Legian but less loud annoying tourists. Seminyak is an area where basically you will find many luxury villas, hotels and resorts, where civilized travelers usually stay. *just kidding*. So now, you are probably thinking that Seminyak is an expensive area to stay? Not necessarily! The hotel that i was staying at (a few days ago) has a published rate of $210++/room/night, but wait, if you search on online booking websites such as Agoda, they give lower rates and you can get extra discount too. Seriously good deals!

You can find good deals on online booking websites such as Agoda!

You can find good deals on online booking websites such as Agoda!

The place that i’m talking about is Bali V Hotel & Villa in Seminyak (also known as Bali Vivere). At the beginning i thought the hotel is located on a quiet street that is a bit far away from Seminyak center…but i was wrong. It is actually located a few hundred meters from the main area where you would like to spend your afternoon, eating and chillaxing in Seminyak. Totally great! I couldn’t believe that i can just walk to Ultimo, my favorite Italian restaurant.

Pool View

Pool View

The superior room that i was staying at is probably best for a traveling couple, why? Well, first they have a huge bathroom with a bathtub and a shower. Second, the bedroom and the bathroom is divided by a see-thru glass wall. Not that i am complaining. Heck, i am staying in Seminyak, a honeymoon goers destination, i know the risks. Hahaha. But luckily, you can close the glass wall with the curtain, so no problem for me and my travel mate. We are good friends, but no..we don’t want to see each others’ asses. LOL.

The Glass Wall

The Glass Wall

The other thing that i like about the room is that it has a ceiling fan and AC. So, whenever the room is freezing (which lately it often happens to me), i can just turn the ac off and on whenever i want, or just use the ceiling fan. Yep, this is my kind of room! And oh, have i mentioned that the swimming pool is right in front of the doorstep? Pretty cool…what am i talking about, it’s great! So there you go, now you know one more place on where to stay in Bali!

@iamMariza – love chillaxing and working outdoor.

This is how i chillax and work!

This is how i chillax and work!

Ps: you might want to check out The Town House, bistro-lounge-club and art gallery in one place. Chill out and enjoy the view from their rooftop lounge! Yes, it is also within walking distance from the Bali V.

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  1. Andy SeabrookMar 23, 2014 at 10:45 pmReply

    When I read “Seminyak is still as vibrant like Kuta-Legian but less loud annoying tourists.” it was time to pay attention – never could see the point of getting down in a Spain full of British tourists! Sounds like a cool place!

  2. Cheeky Travel GirlJun 26, 2014 at 5:15 amReply

    It looks lovely :)

    • IamMarizaJun 30, 2014 at 7:06 amReplyAuthor

      Yeah it was nice staying there. :)

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