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Best Clubs in Jakarta!

I have to say, when a traveler asked me what’s a must visit in Jakarta, my mind went blank. Were they asking about the museums? Here’s the thing, Jakarta is not the best place to be a traveler, but it is the best place to be a local and expat! Other than the Kota Tua (Old Town) and the museums, nothing much happening here. But when you go around while having a local insights of where to go, you’d stay in Jakarta for days!

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One thing that Jakarta is famous about, the worst traffic in the whole world! But no no, we are not gonna talk about that. We are going to talk about the 2nd thing Jakarta is famous for, NIGHTLIFE! Yep, it’s party time in Jakarta.

When you visit Jakarta, and would love to get a hint of how we party. The best 6 places that you have to visit are:

  • X2; 3 different party venues you can choose from, but the most crowded (and my favorite) is Equinox, which located on the 2nd floor of X2 club.  Click here to see venue.
  • Red Square; the one and only Vodka bar in Jakarta. I’m not a big fan, but since it’s just within 5 minutes walk from X2, so why not! (no need for video)
  • Dragonfly; Probably the most posh club in Jakarta, make sure you dressed up! click here to see venue
  • Blowfish; among all the clubs mentioned in this article, this is probably where the younger (21-28 y/o) crowd go to. Click here to see venue.
  • Skye 36; literally the highest club (well it’s actually more like a lounge), it’s located on the 56th floor at Menara BCA. The best place to see Jakarta at night. Click here to see venue.
  • Immigrant; like other clubs, this is also a not to be missed! Click here to see venue
  • Stadium; surely North Jakarta’s most popular party temple. It opens nonstop from Friday to Monday morning! (sorry you just have to see and experience it yourself).

However, these places aren’t cheap! You have to pay around Rp 100k – 250k (Rp 10k = US$1) for an entrance and a first drink charge. A small bottle of beer costs from Rp 70k++. Dress code? Definitely no flip flops, shorts and sport shoes!

BUT, the good news is that you can actually party (and drink) for FREE (or least get a pretty good deal on drinks) in Jakarta! WOOHOOO. How? Read my post: Party (Drinks) For Free in Jakarta!

Hold on, did i miss any other cool places? Just let me know, leave a comment!

@iamMariza – I love Jakarta!

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  1. cumilebay.comFeb 24, 2014 at 3:00 pmReply

    Blm kesampean ke skye nya, seru kalo bisa rame2 bareng temen2 :-)

  2. KoolioMar 3, 2014 at 10:08 pmReply

    I was now two times in Jakarta, but never attended any of these.. mindblowing parties you talk about! I just love the city as a tourist and friends of mine live there, too – but never mentioned anyone to go in clubs. Maybe I’ll try it next time, it sounds really awesome if I’m honest, even when I’m not that interested in partying anymore ;)

  3. Charmaine @ Chill and TravelAug 11, 2014 at 12:31 pmReply

    I’ve never been to any part of Indonesia we are planning to set foot into this amazing county. We’ll probably try Jakarta. Thanks for the tips here. Will visit these clubs if given the luxury of time. :)

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