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LagunaTrip Blog Edition is a blog dedicated for travelers by travelers. A travel community supported by travelers in Indonesia and abroad. Sharing thoughts, ramblings and rants as travelers worldwide. Most of the time we will share stories about traveling (places, accommodation, etc), food and photography. We welcome you and other travelers / bloggers to contribute in our blog. It is free and open for public. You may contact Mariza Melia to seek more info about how to post your travel stories on LagunaTrip Blog Edition.

We also write reviews on any travel related products/services . If you would like to invite us to do some reviews, feel no hesitate to contact us. However, we will only advertise products/services that we have actually used, tried and tested, those of which we genuinely like, and would confidently recommend to our community via our website and networks. These reviews will appear as our daily posts on the main page, so everyone who reads LagunaTrip Blog Edition sees them. These reviews will slowly shuffle down the page as other daily posts are added.

Our top banner and side banner are available for individuals/companies to showcase their best products/services to our communities. The banners will be directly linked to your website.

With more than 22,000 travel-addicts registered in our network, we look forward to share your products through our sponsored posts or sponsored tweet program.

Last but not least, We are open to any sponsorships and donations to help finance our community.

Each product, service and business has different needs and presents different opportunities, and we are very keen to work on a case by case basis with you as our advertisers/partners, including detailed feedback about how the campaign went – and how it might go better in future. Rates are available upon request.

Does it sounds interesting? Feel free to contact Mariza Melia for further info. We accept bank transfers BCA (Bank Central Asia) / Bank Mandiri / Paypal all listed under the name of Mariza Melia. If you just have further questions, We’d be delighted if you would contact her.

Please include the words “advertising/media enquiry” in the subject line.

Be aware that Mariza Melia will reply your email as soon as possible. We read every email we have received but it does takes time to reply each of them while traveling.

LagunaTrip Blog Edition can be reached via email mariza(at)lagunatrip(dot)com. You can also follow LagunaTrip Blog Edition on twitter @lagunatrip or Mariza Melia @iamMariza

Safe travels!


A travel community supported by travelers in Indonesia and abroad. Sharing thoughts, ramblings and rants as travelers. Curated by Mariza Melia aka @iamMariza & friends.

Join us! Write your own travel tips and travel diaries. Exchange your knowledge and experiences with others. You may contact us via email to become one of our guest writers.
For travelers by travelers. As we travel around, we have made some networking with lots of people in tourism industry. They give us special discounts on accommodation, car rentals, travel packages etc and we would like to share this with you. Please support this blog by making any purchases on travel deals on

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