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Eat Withlocals (Review)

April 30, 2014 by IamMariza in Reviews with 0 Comments

It’s day 11 in Perth – Australia, I am here for a year on my Work and Holiday Visa. The people and places have been amaziiiing so far! But i do miss my country, Indonesia already. Especially the food….arghhhh i just miss home cooked Indonesian meals.. i’m drooling already just by thinking about it. My last week in Indonesia, all i did was eat…eat and eat, either eating at my grandma’s house or eating out.

Now, i have one tip for those of you who doesn’t have a local friend and needs a local guide to explore the culinary world in Indonesia, you can try Eat Withlocals. Just slightly before leaving Indonesia, I managed to try one of the tours when i was in Yogyakarta. The “Javanese Dinner Served With Passion” was the tour that i chose. I have to say … it was a cool new experience!

The tour’s setting was at Angela’s, our host, very own house where she grew up. We received a very warm welcome from Angela and her mum when we arrive. We were so overwhelmed on how much food she cooked for us. And OMG the Javanese food she cooked are super DELICIOUS! What made this “tour” special for me is the way Angela shows us her life as a true local and her passion on cooking. The conversation we had along the way made it special even more. She’d be happy to share her recipes and a local’s guide to the best of Yogyakarta. Thumbs up for her!

- @iamMariza, who will soon cook a chicken satay thanks to Angela’s recipe.

Ps: a little note when you do choose the tour with Angela; please also say hi to her mum for me. :)


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