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Exploring West Sumatra

November 12, 2012 by IamMariza in Journal with 0 Comments

Once again it started from a big promo by Tiger Aiways Indonesia (formerly known as Mandala airlines). Nov 12th 2012, i bought return flights Jakarta (CGK) to Padang (PDG). For a return flights it costs me Rp 60,200 (USD 6) + luggage 15kg x 2 ways @ Rp 60,000. So, total “damage” is only Rp 180,200 for a 90 minutes flight each way. Not bad! If you would like to be always updated with promo flights, i suggest you read this article: How to find the cheapest flight! Btw, if you dont know where Padang is, it’s located in West Sumatra, Indonesia and Jakarta is located in Java island.Travel Date: 12-19 Dec 2012
Itinerary: Padang – Bukit tinggi – Sikuai Island – Mentawai Islands

Mentawai People (photo credit: Isus)

Anyways, i haven’t really do intensive research about Padang. But i know i have to go there and shouldnt miss out the infamous Padang Food; Rendang (In 2011 CNN International viewers voted Beef Rendang the Top among “The World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods”), Ayam pop, any kinds of gulai and the most spiciest food, Itiak Lado Mudo. Eating those local food to be honest is going to be a huge challenge for me. Those food are hard core spicy and i’m a fake Indonesian *embarrased*, i cant really eat spicy food. Up till 2 years ago i thought i have some kind of allergic to chilli, because i can’t even handle chilly sauce that you normally buy in the minimart. So yeah, this trip is going to be interesting!

Another reason i bought the ticket (ignoring that it was a cheap flight) is that Padang also one ferry away to the infamous Mentawai Islands. Well, unless you are an advanced surfer, you probably wont know about Mentawai Islands. The huge surf barrels around the Siberut, Sipora, North and South Pagai are definitely a surfing mecca! It’s known International by the professional surfers. No no i’m not goin to surf over there, i’m a beginner in surfing so i’ll just watch the hot surfers doing their action i guess. hahaha. Okay back to the real reason why i’m going there is that Mentawai Islands are the home to the Mentawai tribes. Just talking about it, give me goosebumps. The tribe has its own language, culture, customs and some still profess  a belief in aninism. Cool right?! But of course getting there might be hard and expensive. Hopefully my luck wont runs out. *fingers crossed*

Other places of interests i would like to check out are a mixed of culture and nature: the inlands hills of Bukit Tinggi, Sikuai Island, Pantai Air Manis (Batu Malin Kundang), Lubuk Minturun River, Bungus Bay. No fixed plan thou, we will see how it goes. Will let you know soon! [to be continued]

Featured image copyright: Isus

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