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How to find the cheapest flight!

March 27, 2013 by IamMariza in Tips & Tricks, Top Tips with 13 Comments

Dont you love cheap flights?!!! LOL. well I DO!!!! cheap flights, free flights… you name it! :P

Here are some of my tips & tricks to get cheap or even free flights:

1. sign up to their email newsletters.
go to their website and then sign up. especially the low-budget airlines. you have nothing to lose. they dont charge you anything. they will inform you if they have any promotional events coming ahead or last minute deals. i got most cheap and free flights by doing this.
You can find the list of airlines here:, List of Airlines (Wikipedia)

2. join any local traveler communities.
i love when we all share information on how to travel in a low budget. it’s another way to know other kind of promotional events.

3. occasionally visit their website especially a few weeks before a certain events (school holidays, national holidays, the airlines anniversary, etc).
bookmarked their website on your web browser for fast access. Booking directly on their website is most likely will be way cheaper than going to their office or other travel agents. some promotional fares are available online only.

4. search and book at the right time.
a lot of time the website would crash down because it seemed that “everyone” is browsing the website. therefore i would suggest to access it during the less peak time: when you think most people are as asleep or just started working.

5. have a credit card, or at least borrow someone else’ credit card.
for easy booking, cc is always the best solutions. but unfortunately some of the local airlines only accept certain cc from certain countries, or sometimes you have to bring the cc if the owner of the cc is not flying with you. so be aware of that before make any bookings. some cc also cover a travel insurance if you book flights with it.

6. e-banking is cheaper.
some airlines charge you another fee if you pay with cc or by atm. while if you choose to pay with via e-banking, you will not be charged any payment fee or at least charged less than paying by cc/atm.

7. flight search engine tool is the best.
use it to search and compares flights rate, if you have found the flights, then directly book it on the airlines website rather than book it from the fight search engine website. The first four websites are the one i use the most.

Here are the lists of search engine that i normally use:
ITA software by google

Use google chrome web browser to browse websites that is not in english. it has a wicked cool translating plug-in.

8. Twitter and Facebook are your best friends now!
Most of travel communities, travel bloggers, and airlines have twitter and facebook account/fan page. FOLLOW (STALK) Them! They often share lots of good travel tips and promos! :D

9. Low Cost Courier / Low Cost Airline does not always means cheap. Research and always compare!
There are lots of hidden fees if you’d like to book a flight on a LCC / LCA website (luggage fee, check in fee, payment fee, you name it). So don’t forget to compare the fares with some other non LCC.

[This article is published Oct 2012, and updated on 27 Apr 2013]

Ticket : Tiket
Flight Tickets: Tiket Pesawat
Flight : penerbangan
Code: code
Flight Code: kode penerbangan
Day: hari
Month: bulan
Year: tahun

Need help on booking the tickets? Contact
if you’re in Indonesia, you’d like to book a promotional flights but you dont have a cc or e-banking. You can pay by atm transfer.
if you’re outside Indonesia, and your non-Indonesian cc is not working on indonesian airlines websites. can accept payment by paypal.


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  1. agnesstrampOct 24, 2012 at 9:13 pmReply

    Great tips Mariza! I always sign up with a monthly newsletter so I am kept posted on all promos and stuff plus I look for the tickets between 1am and 4 am when everyone’s sleeping and the prices are much cheaper. Thanks for sharing!

    • iamMarizaOct 30, 2012 at 2:26 pmReplyAuthor


    • RhodesiaJan 23, 2013 at 2:07 amReply

      supposedly, travelling on weeydaks is cheaper. also check all major airlines for summer specials. it is good that you are looking at NWA, because they have a hub in detroit! But you never know, American or United or whoever could be having a special.also, go to to look at who flies the route you want, and it will give you a nice listing of the airlines and their prices. I really like farecompare’s layout of their website because you can see them all in a list. Then, once you find something on go to the airline’s website, because it should be cheaper there because they don’t have to pay for processing fees like orbitz or whoever has to. hope this helps!

  2. How to keep your trip low budget! « i am MarizaOct 30, 2012 at 1:57 pmReply

    [...] travel by plane because it’s faster and sometimes even cheaper than taking a bus/train. Click here to see the tips & tricks to find the free flights / cheap flights. If i have plenty of time, [...]

    • NorbertoJan 23, 2013 at 3:50 amReply

      i know that each airline has a spiaecl price or ’spiaecl offers’ page on their web site.So, check airline website and get a spiaecl price!here are some tips and techniques to make sure you are getting the lowest possible airfare.see,

    • JesusJan 23, 2013 at 3:50 amReply

      Sky Europe ( will take you from Bratislava to London-Stansted for 89 pounds. I think they also run a shttlue from Budapest to Bratislava’s airport. I took Sky Europe once from Bratislava and it was ok but Bratislava Airport didn’t have a cafe that served decent coffee.

  3. AndyJan 8, 2013 at 6:05 amReply

    Nice list of tips, Mariza. I use mostly Kayak and skyscanner when I search, but I didn’t know there was so many different sites. I didn’t think about signing up to their newsletters either, but that is a good suggestion. Thanks for the post!

    • KassiJan 23, 2013 at 9:19 amReply

      A little rationality lifts the qulatiy of the debate here. Thanks for contributing!

  4. EricJan 12, 2013 at 4:39 amReply

    You should consider some of these other tips as well –

    • LaisJan 23, 2013 at 12:53 pmReply

      Tuesday night at midnight etsaern time. i don’t know why but that is what i have been told, and it seems to be true so far. I have not seen it proved wrong since i have started to flying.

  5. ElleAug 29, 2013 at 4:07 pmReply

    Great tips! I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post to reference for my next ticket purchase. :) )

  6. IntrovertlyBubblyJan 31, 2014 at 6:59 pmReply

    I am currently looking for same….

  7. MinangkabauOct 14, 2015 at 9:50 amReply

    Hi Mariza thanks for sharing, but i really like Momondo, cause they have great UI

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