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Must Have Apps For New Zealand Road Trip!

New Zealand is awesome and a safe country to do a road trip, even when you are traveling alone as a female. In April 2015 i did a road trip from Auckland to Queenstown for three weeks. And as tech-geek myself, i can’t stay away from using my smartphone to help me either navigating or finding the cheapest (and safe) place to stay over night.

iammariza road trip in new zealand

Here are some apps that i would recommend you to have on your smartphone (in my case it was iPhone 6), the must have apps for New Zealand Road Trip!

I used both Google Map and TOMTOM New Zealand. Most of the time when i drive from city to city, i used TOMTOM as it doesn’t charge any internet data and yes you should have this app! Internet data in NZ is freaking expensive, the one that i had was SPARK which was the biggest telco in NZ. The best deal i could find was $19 for 500MB data + 50 min talk + 500 text and i could finish the whole 500MB within 4 days due to my work (digital marketing). But once i arrived in the city, i some times used Google Map as it’s more updated to find places such as bars and restaurants.
Note: once you get out of the town or city, it is very likely you WON’T have telco coverage, so in another word you’re doomed if you only use Google map as your navigation.

must have apps for new zealand road trip

During my road trip, most of the time i slept in the car instead of sleeping in a hostel. There are some camping ground (and public park) that allows you to sleep over night for free. Some of them have toilets and some not. It is very rare that the free camping grounds have shower facilities. But don’t worry, you can easily find public shower in the nearest town/city (usually cost $2-$4 for a nice hot shower). To find these free (or cheapest camping ground) i used both CamperMate and Camping NZ. By combining these two apps, i can find the nearest free camping ground, free public toilet & shower, free activities to do and of course the tourist information. There’s also an app called Campsites New Zealand that’s worth to check out.

new zealand road trip

I didn’t download any app for this, because most of the transportation companies are only available online via their website. So what i did was bookmarked the website on my phone. The cheapest way to travel around NZ is to rent a car (if you want to avoid hitchhiking), this way you can explore more and save money on accommodation. And the cheapest way to save money on renting a car is by doing a car relocation. NZ have so many car rental companies. They need people to drive their car back or to take some cars to certain city. By doing this, i only spent as low as $1/day (instead of paying normal price $40/day) + $17/day for an all risk car insurance at Jucy Rental. $18/day? YES, and it’s cheaper if you split this with another friend, which i would recommend you to do since petrol are not cheap. During my travels the petrol would go around $2.20/liter. The price changes every day and the farther you are from the big city, the higher the price.
And when i can’t find a car to relocate, i hop on the bus (or hitchhike). I would recommend to frequently check Manabus website as they do give really cheap deals; $1 deals for intercity routes (available in North island only). Not forgetting they also have free wifi and power. It was just the perfect bus for me. For South Island you can check out Intercity Bus and Atomic Travel.

Well i hope these apps will do you good for your next road trip in New Zealand. Let me know if you’ve found other cool apps too!

Cheers, the geeky @iamMariza

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