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My Biggest Adventure

April 21, 2014 by IamMariza in Journal with 2 Comments

Last week’s biggest drama was; what to pack for a one year travels? Now i have the best answer if you are currently have the same question; lay down all of your stuff on the floor (yes, you can leave them there for weeks), don’t start packing until you have 4 hours left before your flight. By that time, your brain (and heart) will start telling you which ones that are needed and not needed to be packed for the trip. It’s amazing how many stuff you can pack in a 50l backpack within a few hours.

Meet Shiki, my angel who picked me up at the Airport.

Meet Shiki, my angel who picked me up at Perth International Airport.

And now my biggest adventure has just started! Still feeling overwhelmed, Australia is absolutely a foreign land for me. It’s 9:19am and i’m still hiding in my blanket, trying to get used to the cold weather (22 Celsius is COLD in Indonesian standard!). No jet-lag at all, since Perth is still in the same time zone with Bali. Thou last night, i was still a bit shocked on how Perth was already looked like a sleepy town at 7pm when i went out for dinner with friends. Growing up in Java Island, the most populated island in the world, this means a big “culture” shock for me. Especially in Jakarta, the city i grow up in where almost everything i need is available 24/7. Luckily for me, i have good friends who helped me and make things easier for me.

Another angel in Perth, my good friend Ozak, he made it feels like home.

Another angel in Perth, my good friend Ozak, he made it feels like home.

“So what’s your plan for the next one year?”, it is the most first asked question by my friends thrown to me. Either to a friend or a stranger whom i met along the way, i always answer; “I have no idea!”. All i know that i will be in Australia for a year, since i am on a Work and Holiday Visa, i will travel around and also work a bit to support my travels. And then, i will explore the beautiful and adventurous New Zealand before going back home (and maybe visiting Solomon Islands, since i also have a friend who just moved there).

Australia is HUGE….like HUGE HUGE…I don’t think 1 year traveling will cover all part of Australia. So i will take it easy, i’m not going to visit every city, but yeah, Melbourne and Sydney are already on my list. I will add a few more city along the way, not just big cities, but also places that even most Australians wouldn’t know about. For example; this week, i will go to Kulin, a small town about 280km from Perth. What’s in Kulin? No idea, but there’s a 5 days art and music festival being held there. They say it’s Australia’s first version of America’s Burning Man Festival. So yeah, i’m going to join that festival, will definitely going to Kulin, even thou it’s gonna be a bit tough to go there. I’m very excited about it, except the part where there’s a big chance that all of us (read: 1000 people) won’t (nor can’t) bathe for 5 days since the venue is middle of a “dessert”. LOL

So how do i decide which places to go? First, i will visit all cities where my good friends live. Second, i’ll listen to every travel tips i get from locals and travelers whom i will meet along the way. And last but not least, by browsing around and look through travel websites like where you can get many travel tips and travel deals. For those of you who are doing a GAP YEAR, this is the site for you!

So here you go, this is my bucket list for Australia:
Drink lots of GOOD wine in Australia (wine in Indonesia is crazily expensive)
Visit Uluru to see Ayers Rock
Check out The Pinnacles, the crazy spiky rock formations
Explore Fraser Island, i met a traveler who said that this place is his favorite in his 1 year adventure in Australia
Swam with the great whale shark! Yes WHALE sharks, not WHITE sharks! i think, i’ll skip the great white shark dive (or maybe i will do it too, oh well. i’ll let you know later)
Pass thru The Twelve Apostles, it has a cool view to the sea.
Hike Blue Mountains and find out why they call the mountains, Blue!
Kakadu National Park, not sure why i want to see crocs (not the brand), but people says it has cool waterfalls. I LOVE waterfalls!
The great barrier reef, i’m not a big fan of diving, but yeah i definitely would love to check out the underwater world of Australia.
Check out the cool hang out spots and dining out in Melbourne
Get a backstage pass to Justin Timberlake’s concert. Hey, don’t judge! And if you do have some cool connections to the promotors, please help me out.
and of course the Bondi beach, sorry i just have to take a group picture with the lifeguards!

and the bucket list in New Zealand is:
Glow worm caves in Waitomo (we don’t have this in Indonesia)
Meet and experience the real culture of Maori people
White water rafting, just have to do it.
sky diving, it’s a MUST!
Check out the Abel Tasman National Park
Visit the majestic Franz Josef Glacier, Milford Sound and Mount Cook, etc
Go extreme in Queenstown!!!!
… so basically, Visiting the cool cities in North and South Island by land and do lots of crazy adventurous stuff…and i heard a road trip in New Zealand is a must, so i have to do it that way, i guess.

images are taken from google.

images are taken from google.

I know my bucket list is sort of a “tourist” bucket list. So i need your help! If you have been traveling around Australia and New Zealand, please please please feel free to leave some comments (cool travel tips and places to visit etc). I will update my bucket list accordingly. Thanks mate!

Ps: You can also follow my twitter account and get the latest updates of my adventure.

- @iamMariza, who is still clueless about Australia and NZ.


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