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Party (Drink) For Free in Jakarta

Continuing on my post about Best Clubs in Jakarta, yeah going out to clubs in Jakarta is quite expensive. But there’s an alternative to it. Here’s a little guide on where you should be at …
on Monday: Pizza e Birra (Beer Rp 10k++), Pastis (Beer Rp10k++), Cowboys (beer Rp25++ 6.30pm-12am)

on Tuesday: Camden (Tequila shot Rp 15k 6-8pm), Burgundy Bar (Free gin tonic, vodka coke for men 8pm-12am), Cowboys (Wine Rp 35k++, free beer 5.30pm-6.30pm),

on Wednesday: Venue Kemang (Free cocktails for ladies), Monstore Bar (Free cocktails for ladies), Blu Martini Bar (Free German Food 7-9pm), Camden (Girls Rp100k++ get unlimited cocktails. Vodka shots Rp20k++), Cowboys (free beer 5.30pm-6.30pm, free margaritas for ladies 6.30pm-12am)

on Thursday: Aphrodite (ladies drink for free after 10pm), Pastis (Wine for Rp30++), Melly’s Garden Baruna (Cold Tequila shot Rp20k), Cowboys (free beer 5.30pm-6.30pm),

on Friday: Amigos Bellagio (Free Beer 5-6pm), Eastern Promise (Free beer 5-6pm or until someone leaves the bar), Venue Kemang (Free cocktails for ladies), De Hooi (free beer when you wear Batik), Blu Martini Bar (Free wine 7-9pm), Cowboys (free beer 5.30pm-6.30pm),

on Saturday: Venue Kemang (Free cocktails for ladies), De Hooi (1 free beer when you perform a song, starts 8pm)

on day-that-ends-with-”y”: Camden (Beer Rp15k++ 6-8pm)

So there you go, enuff said…Everyday is a party day!
Ps: Let me know if the info above is out-dated, i will update it accordingly. And if you know any other place that gives a wicked cool deal, just let me know! ;)

- @iamMariza. I’m not a party animal, but i do like to party!

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