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The Togean Islands – your ultimate Paradise destination!

You do know that there are around 17 000 islands in Indonesia. Not only, Bali, right? I haven’t been to all of them (yet!), though last summer on my trip through the country I’ve managed to get to Kadidiri islet, Togean Archipelago – a true gem hidden in the waters of the Gulf of Tomini.

Do you remember that movie, the Beach? With young DiCaprio craving for off of the beaten path adventures and making his way to a castaway community on a deserted island with turquoise water, endless golden beach line and no sign of touristic invasion yet. Well, the Kadidiri is pretty much the same :)

Kadidiri TogeanHow to get there:

- A ferry leaves At 10.00 a.m. from Ampana, Sulawesi every day (except Friday)  to Wakai – main town of the Togean archipelago. Then switch to a boat to Kadidiri. Check out schedule here. Travel time: around 4 hours.

- A ferry ride from Gorontalo will take around 14 hours. Sleep bunks available for extra price. Or you can nap on the upper deck right under the stars. Schedule available here.

Where to stay

There are three housing options available. All placed one next to another with common beach and wooden pierces. You can walk freely everywhere.

Kadidiri Paradise Dive Resort – the luxurious option.

Offers a number of private houses right on the beach with bathroom inside and electricity all day long. Good for long stay, but full of families with kids.

Pondok Lestari Kadidiri

The most heartwarming place I’ve ever stayed in!  The hotel is family-owned and full of young and adventures backpackers to share your stories with over a beer near the bonfire.  Simple meals of fish, rice and pancakes for breakfast are included.

Pondok Lestari Kadidiri

Lodging is a simple wooden hut right on the beach with a small terrace with a hammock for day naps. You can crash here for 300$ a month including meals.

The Black Marlin

Based in between the previous two, offers fine lodging and mild prices and a diving school for newbies to get your diving certificate. However, as I’ve heard from fellow numerous travelers, these guys happen to double the price on housing upon your arrival, so double check all the details with them to avoid misunderstandings.

Things to do (except for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach) :

- Take a boat trip to a nearby island to hike Una Una volcano. It is still active and the last eruption happened in 1983. The islet has been pretty deserted since then, so all the golden beaches are for you only to enjoy.

- Check out the waterfall near Wakai. And finally, check your email and FB as there’s no internet or cell phone connection on Kadidiri :)

- Pay a visit to Bajau village where the sea gypsies live. Catch up with amazingly friendly locals and grab some fine fish and crabs for dinner. Check out my next post for more details!

- Go snorkeling at a jelly fish lake. Sounds like crazy, right? But the specimens here are not poisonous and won’t sting you. Lots of fun and amazing pics guaranteed if you have underwater photography gear.

Jelly Fish Lake Togean- Get your Robinson Crusoe experience and spend a night at a desert islet. We’ve asked for a tent and some help from a host at Lestari and spent a wonderful night with bonfire, tasty food and swimming with sparkling plankton shimmering around you. Best. Experience. Ever.

So, in case you’re looking for Going into the Wild experience and craving for the best diving spots – Kadidiri is your ultimate destination for sure!


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    I could spend my life in such a relaxed and pretty place.

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